The Equality and Human Rights Commission is an independent body established in 2009  to  promote equality and human rights. This includes the many thousands of people who have a disability. 

People with disabilities face massive discrimination and exclusion. For example, if they are of working age, they are twice as likely to be out of work and claiming benefits. Additionally they are twice as likely to have no qualifications. 

The goal is"a society where all people with disabilities can participate fully as equal citizens".

Who they support
There is an estimated 10 million people in Britain with a disability - that's one in six of the population. The Commission works with these people, employers and service providers to find practical solutions for everyone. Many still don't know that they are entitled to rights and assistance in their daily lives. And employers and service providers often aren't sure how to help. The Commission is here to advise.

Why the Commission is needed
Under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA), legal rights for people with disabilities are already in force. These cover employment, access to services, education, transport and housing. In September 2002 the law was extended to cover access to education and new employment rights and rights of access became law in October 2004.
These new changes in the law brought real changes in practice but changes in attitude and awareness are just as crucial. Despite the new law, many people with disabilities find it hard to take part in day-to-day life and do not have the same chances that others take for granted.


Disability Rights Commission
What the Commission does
  • Gives advice and information to those with disabilities, employers and service providers 

  • supports people in getting their rights under the DDA

  • helps solve problems - often without going to a court or employment tribunal

  • supports legal cases to test the limits of the law 

  • provides an independent Disability Conciliation Service through Mediation UK

  • campaigns to strengthen the law

  • organises campaigns - such as our Open 4 All campaign - to change policy, practice and awareness

  • produces policy statements and research on disability issues; and publications on rights and good practice.

For more information contact the Commission at  or call their Help Line on 0845 604 6610